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How to Choose a Builder for Your Trade Show Exhibit

Your trade show display speaks about your company, so bringing in a talented and experienced exhibit builder is a must for your success.These experts will make sure that your display looks professional, expresses your message and makes an impact with it, and attracts the attention of guests.

You can start looking for a display company by asking for referrals from people in your industry or your colleagues, and by researching on the Internet.Reputable exhibit builders usually have their own websites, where you can check out their portfolios and know more about their services.

Consider going to other trade shows, and if there are any booth designs that you like, ask the staff who built their exhibit.

The following are tips that can help you find the right trade show exhibit builder for your needs:

Know how long they’ve been in operation and ask for the credentials of their workers (those who will actually be working on your display).

Take a look at the builders’ exhibit portfolios in different price ranges.

Ask for references from past and present customers.

Know the exact services they provide and whether they work with subcontractors.

Ask them about their approach towards exhibit development, and observe how serious they are in terms of satisfying their clients’ needs.

Make sure they can meet your timing and budget requirements.

Based on the answers you get, you should be able to narrow down your options to two or three, and ask them each for a proposal. In any case, everything should be expressed in detailed written form, particularly the scope of work to be done, when the project can be completed, and its financial requirements.

Once you have chosen a trade show exhibit builder, it is important to first define your exact expectations from the design. Crucial details include the size of the exhibit, the estimate completion date, the inclusive dates of the show, special requests, if any, and finally, your budget.

More details increases the likelihood that your exact expectations will be met. Certainly, this happens only if the builder truly understands the nature of your business and knows good techniques to promote your products or services with a trade show booth.

Then again, though it’s important to know exactly what you want to accomplish with your trade booth, it is also good to be flexible and stay open to ideas for your booth design. An professional display builder, with all their technical knowledge and experience, can probably develop concepts and possibilities that you’ve never considered before. Of course, these pros are hardly the same, and you have to spend some time and effort finding the one that’s perfectly suitable for you.

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